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Arlington County Department of Parks and Recreation is committed to the American’s with Disabilities Act which guarantees
                     non-discrimination and equal access for individuals with disabilities in all programs, services, and activities.
                                                       We will provide modifications upon request.
                                                      Advanced notice for modifications is welcome.

        What is a Modification?                               Tiers of Support                                 How to Request a Modification

                                                                                                               Step 1: Complete online, phone-in or
        A modification is any strategy or                                                                      mail-in registration. When prompted,
        technique that reduces or removes                                                                      identify that inclusion support is
        barriers for successful participation,                      Tier 3     1:1                             needed due to a disability.
        and ensures access to recreational
        programming. Modifications are                                    staff to work                        Step 2:  Visit the Therapeutic
        assessed individually to determine                                  one on one                         Recreation (TR) office or download a
        which tier of support is recommended.                           with the participant.                  Participant Modification Information
                                                                                                               (PMI) form from our website:
        The level of support we provide is                                Lowered Ratio              
        based on participant need, program                  Tier 2
        structure/dynamic and availability of                       Recommend adding a staff                   Step 3:  Send completed forms by
        staff resources.                                                  to lower the
                                                                     participant to staff ratio.               email to or, if you
                                                                                                               prefer, mail or drop them off at the TR
        We work with the general recreation                                                                    office.
        staff and the participant (or parent/        Tier 1
        guardian) to design a modification plan               Develop a modification plan that will be         Step 4:  An Inclusion Support
        to help you enjoy the benefits from our             shared with staff that outlines participants’      Coordinator will contact you to
                                                               support needs. We can work with staff
        programs.                                             to ensure that these supports are being          develop a Participant Modification Plan
                                                                      facilitated effectively.
                                                                                                               (PMP) designed to successfully support
        Additional supports we can offer                                                                       your participant’s recreational pursuits.
        •  Adapted equipment/techniques
        •  Sign language interpreters                        Arlington County’s Therapeutic Recreation
                                                             Office can train on Tier 1 supports and the
        •  Large print and Braille materials                Participant Modification Plan as well as in-the-   Step 5: We will inform you via email
                                                          moment consultations and recommendations for         about inclusion supports prior to the
                                                                                                               start of the program.
                     Come                                  staff are available for Tier 2 & 3 supports, yet we
                                                          modifications. We do our best to ensure additional
                          With Us!
                                                                       cannot guarantee it.
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